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 I dump my Treo    
 Dated:  Friday, January 23 2009 @ 11:58 PM PST
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My used Treo 680, acquired to replace my elderly 650 which had quit six months previously, has itself given up the ghost. What to do?

I've been with Palm since the Pilot Pro days in the mid-nineties. I dallied with Handspring for awhile, and then returned to Palm when Handspring did.

Having gone through a Treo 600, 650 and 680, I found that there was a sameness about the devices that was starting to grate on me. Each device was only a tiny incremental improvement over the previous one, and still lagged behind the technology commonly available at time of release.

The Treo always had the crappiest camera, oldest version of Bluetooth, and fewest features of the high-end smartphones available at the time, but I stuck with it because of my heavy investment in Palm applications.

I tried one of the Windows Treos for awhile, on the theory that most of the new development was going to the Windows platform, and really, how bad could it be? Pretty bad.

The iPhone is out of the question.

Symbian phones are interested, but the Nokias are too expensive and the affordable phones don't do enough. (I never got used to texting on a phone keyboard.)

What does that leave? As a practical matter, only Blackberry had the reliability and feature set I was looking for. So with infinite sadness, I packed away the Treo and my large collection of spare parts and special tools, and unwrapped a brand new Blackberry Bold 9000.

First I have to say, my daughter has been using a Blackberry Curve constantly for just over a year, and without her guidance, getting used to this device would have been a much more frustrating experience.

I've had some kind of Palm device for the entire time my daughter has been alive. Migrating to Blackberry is a real paradigm switch. The first week I found myself more than once clawing at the non-touchscreen trying to get something to happen. I can see the feature right.... there, why can't I touch it?

Once I got used to the trackball, I have to agree it's quicker on the draw. I don't have to stop and take the stylus out, can do many common things with just the trackball, and can do much more one-handed than I ever could with the Treo.

The applications are organized differently. I was a longtime user of Launcher on the Palm, a tab-based interface, and truthfully, I still find tabs to be more efficient than Blackberry's folders. But after many days of use, I could get an idea of what apps I used the most, and those now crowd the first three rows of the main page.

And best of all, after two weeks of use I haven't had to reboot the thing once. A good sign.

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