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 The iPhone is so close...    
 Dated:  Friday, January 23 2009 @ 10:22 PM PST
 Viewed:  1,030 times  

Written in December 2008, one month before getting a Blackberry.

I want to like the iPhone, I really do.

I know I know, the people who complain about it's shortcomings just don't Get It. After playing with it's cutting-edge interface, can you really stand there and complain about a trivial shortcoming as lack of cut-and-paste?

Well, yes. And also complain about 3G/Edge issues, dropped calls, and lack of MMS and flash and java. But despite all that the iPhone demonstrably kicks Windows Mobile's butt. (In fairness, from a technical standpoint, it was an easy butt to kick.)

The biggest lesson the industry needs to take from this is: People use Windows Mobile devices because they have to. People use i-Phones because they want to.

Microsoft promotes the "have to" mentality by selling interoperability and similar look-and-feel with Winders and Winders-related services. As more and more people (and corporations) realize that the Start button is not a good paradigm for a phone, and sufficient interoperability can be achieved without having to put up with the Windows Mobile code base, Windows Mobile will diminish to an also-ran and, like Disco, we'll all look back and wonder what madness made us think we liked it.

However, these other issues still need to be fixed. Here's hoping that Apple isn't so arrogant to believe that they can innovate *once* and retain the market. Nokia and RIM now have offerings that are similar in concept, without the drawbacks. Apple set the bar -- now they need to show us how to rise above it. Merely increasing the memory in the next model will not be good enough.

Personally, I'm still clinging to my old beat-up Palm-based phone whilst I see how Apple fixes the problems enumerated here in the next release. Or if someone catches up to them in the meantime.

For example, my daughter is a rabid user of MMS with her Blackberry Curve. On an i-phone, I'd not be able to receive her messages. That is not acceptable. So why doesn't she "just use email instead"?

She uses MMS because that's what all her friends use. There doesn't need to be any other reason. That's the point, really. It's not up to Apple to change in what way we communicate with each other. They can provide a different, more positive experience, and have. But that doesn't give them the right to dictate in what fashion we share content.

Having a cool interface is not an acceptable substitute for common features. Apple, give us the features we really want, instead of the features you think we should be using, and there will be no stopping you.

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